Lifestyle of the Alcott Family
Cultural Assumption 3

The cultural Assumption is lifestyle of the Alcott Family in which they followed. In the modern world today the lifestyle in which people lives is much different.

Louisa Alcott shows this through all the characters. As each person of the family had different duties or chores within the family. For example Jo was the one to collect the food for the family to be able to eat.

The Alcott family showed personal rules such as: pray for meals, cleaning up after themselves and also respect towards each other and guests to their home. Lifestyles in the 1800's was different compared to today's lifestyles as the world has developed more high tech inventions which provide us with a much more high standard of living for example: better materials used to build homes to make them more hygienic to live, better cooking utensils which provides a healthier way of eating and technology/computers for communication services.

The family's lifestyle changes dramatically as their father is away in the civil war. The girls have to grow up all of a sudden and step up to help their mother run the household for a while. They are not a wealthy family and the girl's mother struggles provide the girl's with Christmas presents. The sisters are upset but realise what their mother is going through and decide to spend their own pocket money on presents to spoil their mother.

I believe the world today is much more hygienic in the way we live because of the more high quality materials we use now in our everyday life such as: a proper bathroom.

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