Anab N.


1. The word Pharoah comes from two ancient egyptian words per o, meaning great house or palace

2. The crook symbolized that the king was the shepard of his people.

3.the flail symbolized the punishment the king would give to wrong doers and enemies.

People worshipped pharoahs.


1.The pyramids were the burial stones for mummies.

2.It took 70 days to mummify a body.

3.It also took 15 days to wrap a mummy.

Ancient  egyptian  food

1.wheat and barley {for bread and beer} were the two main crops grown by the ancient egyptians.

2.bread was the most important food in the diet of ancient egypt.

3.a rough kind of bread was either baked from either wheat or barley.

the nile river hardley ever rained in egypt so the nile river was the only souce to meet the needs of people,animals and crops.

2.the nile river flows from the south to the north.

3.Hapi was the god of the nile.