My Name is Kayla Comeau, i am 15, i moved here in 7th grade, i have one brother and one step-sister my favorite color is aqua blue, i love chinese food, and my hobby would have to be reading.

I love Kitkats every time i see the commercial on t.v it makes me want a Kitkat.


I love kitkats every time i see the commercial it makes me want one.


I would say that reading would be my hobby mostly because there are alot of good books and that during the summer when there is no school work i like to just sit and read when there is nothing to do.

Watching Hockey

I like to watch hockey during the week when i get home from school with my mom and my brother who are also hockey fans. My favorite team is obviously the Pittsburgh Penguins.



I would like to travel to  places like Greece,Rome,Italy,Las Vegas and North Caroline i would like to visit all of these places but i would mostly like to visit North Carolina to visit my grandpa and grandma.

Learn about Cosmetology

I would like to learn about Cosmetology because i would like to work in a beauty shop when i get out of school.

Live on my own

i would like to get a job and learn how to support myself without someone taking care of me and doing things for me.

A place i would love to visit

I would like to visit Italy because i think it is a beautiful city especially at night.

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