This is Bui Duy Binh. He is eleven years old. This little boy lives in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

Things before noon:

1. Get's a ride too school from either his mom or dad on a motorcycle.

2.  His mom makes him breakfast before he goes too school.

3. He has to ride a motorcycle taxi home because his parents work.

Things after noon:

1. He take's a nap and when he wakes up he eats fruits or veggies.

2. He helps his mom prepare dinner.

3. After dinner he practices the piano .

Thing's I do before noon:

1. Have breakfast.

2. Shower and brush my teeth

3. Work out with my sister's and father.

Thing's I do after noon:

1. Eat lunch.

2. walk the dogs.

3. start getting ready for bed.

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