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It is a golden buddha

It started about 2500 years ago

The  darmha wheel


this the darmha wheel

The people who started was the

their beliefs  

the religion of buddism to me  is a different religion than chirstianty so the was diffcult project .    They meditate They also kiss the buddha's stomach. the population in taiwan is half -buddhism this guy founded named Goata. Lotus flower is the most important part of meditate. The buddha is laying on it side when he died.

Buddhism, instead, emphasizes the system of causal relationships underlying the universe which constitute the natural order and source of enlightenment. No dependence of phenomena on a supernatural reality is asserted in order to explain the behaviour of matter. According to the doctrine of the Buddha, a human being must study nature (dhamma vicaya) in order to attain personal wisdom (prajna) regarding the nature of things (dharma). In Buddhism, the sole aim of spiritual practice is the complete alleviation of stress in samsara, which is called nirvana.

the words of buddhism

Buddhist New Year

Vesak or Visakah Puja ("Buddha Day")

Magha Puja Day (Fourfold Assembly or "Sangha Day")

it is the buddisht bible

All the buddihst trace it back to the four nobels and the eightyfold path. the fouyr nobel truths are:

1) There is suffering in the world.

2) Suffering is caused by human desiresor greed.

3)suffering can be stopped by stoppin humans.

4)  this can be done by following the eightfold path.

the eighfold path involves develeopment of both thoughts and actions. A buddhist practices achieving these steps in his or her life , often with help of an experinced teacher.    

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