schrodinger and heisenberg

Werner heisenberg

  •   the calculations in the matrix mechanics is matrix algebra, with which many were not familiar.
  •   Erwin schrodinger also made his wave mechanics around the same time
  •   Phisics at the time was exsperimental and was manly inlabritories
  •   The atomic thery was put forword by niels bohr
  •   The Bohr model of the atom explained the locations of the electrons orbiting the positively charged nucleus in discrete orbits.
  •   theory was based on the premise that large objects follow normal Newtonian mechanics while smaller objects such as subatomic particles are affected by the wavelength of the light
  •   He worked in Gottingen and Copenhagen resulted in his matrix mechanics model
  •   He was a teacher
  •   Won the nobal peace prize in 1932

Erwin schrodinger

  •   He was an only child
  •   1906, Schrödinger entered the University of Vienna, where he first developed an interest in theoretical physics under the tutelage of Friedrich Hansenöhrl
  •   In 1925 he made his first incounter with prince de broglis work when it was cited in a paper
  •   The broglis work was about how electrons. Schrodinger decided he could use it for the wave function
  •   Within a series of papers in 1926 he was discovered and was immediately recognized by peers
  •   He wrote a paper named what is life witch was about human bio and the connections with that with theoretical physics
  •   Got the nobal peace prize

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