What I've learned.
Starts with I. I
Right in front of my eyes.
My growth

A. 1. What I've learned is that more often there is an opinion behind a pretty face.  2. I like the message it displays and how the flower seems to be reaching for the words.  3. I dont like how the thing is set up, like how there is so much empty space in the picture of the flower.   4. I used coffee shop vivid for this picture.

B. 1. The I stands for information, I thought it would be cool to use books that used pictures to display information.  2. I like how it says mirage on the page and the picture itself is faded like a mirage.  3. I dont like how it seems to be the same thing over and over, you get bored really fast looking at it.  4. I used the nelly nero time capsule action.

C. 1. I put the butterfly of to the side to represent that we sometimes have to look more to find real beauty.  2. I like how it seems like its a normal teenage girls room and then you can see the cracks in the wall.  3. I dont like how there is a shadow on the jewelry box.  4. I used the coffee shop color pop action.  5. This is my favorite picture, I just like how it's composed and how it looks.

D. 1. I'm pretty sure a lot of people have done the marks on the wall for their picture but i thought mine might look a little different.  2. I like how some of the marks are scribbled on, it gives it a sense of innocence.  3. I dont like how there is a small glare.  4. I used the ghost stories dark magic action.