Republican Stance

Republicans oppose laws to regulate guns. They believe that the passage of gun laws has not reduced gun violence. But they do believe that the government  needs to punish criminals who use guns illegally.

"Guns don't kill people, people do."

Democratic Stance

Democrats support laws to regulate guns. They believe that gun violence is a serious problem. They believe that the government needs to impose restrictions to regulate the purchase and ownership of guns.

They want legislations for Gun Control.

Legislation for Gun Control

-1934 National Fire Arms Act-  Banned 'Gangster Type' guns. Banned machine guns and Sawwed off shotguns.

-1938 Federal Firearms Act- A federal license to import, manufacture and sell guns. Need a license to do so.

-1968 Gun Control Act- Can't Carry a gun in Federal Buildings and Schools. Convicted felons cannot carry a gun.

-1933 Brady Bill- Required a 5 day waiting period to purchace 'handguns'.

-1994 Crime Bill- Banned the manufactire, transfer, or posession of semi-automatic assault weapons.     -Sunset Provision-law would expire in 10 years unless it was renewed by congress.

-1998 Brady Bill II- All gun buyers [ not just handguns] had to complete federal applications and submit to background checks.

-2004 Ban on assault weapons was allowed to expire by a Republican controlled Congress

Supreme Court Cases Related to Gun Control

  • Printz vs. U.S. 1997- Montana Sheriff: "Can i be forced to complete the background checks?''
  • Heller vs. D.C.- A security guard, challenged DC law that it was illegal to own a handgun.

My Gun Control Stance

My personal stance on Gun Control is that if it is made harder to purchase guns people that would buy them just for self defense will not purchase them. Those who commit crimes will still obtain guns, although it may be in a different means, they still will.

Recent Event Relevant to Gun Control.

Colorado Shooting results in Approx. 12 Deaths and 50 injuries.

A masked gunman opened fire at Movie Theatre midnight showing of Batman. Among the injured were multiple children. 'Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York, who has waged a national campaign for stricter gun laws, offered a political challenge. “Maybe it’s time that the two people who want to be president of the United States stand up and tell us what they are going to do about it,” Mr. Bloomberg said during his weekly radio program, “because this is obviously a problem across the country.”'

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