Young Fighters

By: Taylor Hawley

My topic is about how and what the children went through during World War 2. During that time Adolf Hitler did not like the Jews, he didn’t just not like them, he hated them. And that was really mean. At that time he sent all his soldiers to go get the jewish people and put them in concentration camps. Concentration camps are camps that people are put in so they can be miserable, do work, and not have the life they want. Mostly the people that attend these camps are causing trouble, didn’t cause trouble, or they just get put in their because their ruler/dictator wants them to be in there.

Well, now that I have told you about what I will be talking about and what time period I’m talking about now we can begin. The children that had to attend these bad & scary concentration camps went through a lot just like the grown-ups. You would think that in the camp they would be safe but, no they weren’t. Children mostly got killed and beat up just because of their race. The Nazis often thought that those kids were dangerous or even violent. For some reason they thought that these innocent little kids were harming to them. While this event was going on, many of them got killed because of the Nazis visions or so likely thoughts. How many, you ask? Well, as many as 1.5 million children have been killed just by racial appearance. And just for the thought and mind of Adolf Hitler and how he just hated the Jewish, over million Jewish children were killed.

My Timeline:
|Hitler doesn't like Jewish people just because out of spite|He makes all his soldiers arrest and kill Jewish people|Jewish families get put in concentration camps & children get separated from their parents| from this cause, parents aren't there to protect their kids| the effect of that says that the soldiers beat up & treat them badly| And finally, from that almost 6 million Jews are killed and 1 million were kids!                              

Who were the people involved:
-Adolf Hitler: Is the person who had this idea of punishing the Jews for no reason. He wanted all Jewish people to die even though his dad was Jewish himself. Hitler took advantage of being a dictator and a ruler of some places in Europe. He did terrible things to people if they gave him a hard time.

-Paul Joseph Goebbels: Who was better known as Joseph Goebbels, was a German politician who worked along with in the cause of the Holocaust. He worked to help soldiers take in Jewish people in concentration camps. Goebbels was the one who came up with exterminating & burning the Jews. Joseph strongly supported in following Hitler in his work. He was the main one who wanted to kill the Jewish children during the fight.

In the picture above is one of the heroes who helped the Jewish escape from concentration camps and the Nazis to take them away from Germany to a safer place.
-Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz: He has helped a lot of Jews in getting away even though he could get hurt or even get in trouble. But he decided that he would help them live in Sweden and get healthy & strong again. After he saved them in a secretly way that nobody knows; he sent them to Sweden. Where some of his friends knew how to do medical care. Duckwitz also warned Danish Jews that trouble was coming! wow, isn't that so kind! Ferdinand traveled long ways to help them in need. By the end of the Holocaust he has helped 99% Jews. Yep, he's been a BIG help.

It's Important because...
People shouldn't treat people like that because of his/her race. It's not their fault that they were born that way. We shouldn't punish or mistreat people because of how they look, what they  do, and how they choose to live their life. Just treat people the way you  would like to be treated!  period.

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