7.MEH.22 Stress Management


This person is having stress over too much homework. You can manage stress by asking for help and also taking a break from it and then come back to it. And hopefully you will understand it more if you have like a study guide and examples of homework maybe you can get ideas from it and then you can do all your homework and feel good about it.


Parents makes me stress telling me to do this and that so annoying telling me to do chores and stuff and they just stresses me anyway because they always saying something Telling me to do things. I can manage that by doing what I need to do then do whatever I want.


Chores stresses me out because sometimes I might have to do something else but then I'm just sitting there doing chores. And then I be finish and then they tell me to do something else. Then I have to stop what I'm doing to do something else. I could manage that by doing it without letting my parents tell me. And maybe I should finish what I need to do and then do chores.


You can get stress by getting bullied because you can be worrying about what he or she is gonna do to you next, or if he or she gonna hurt you. You can manage that by talking to the teachers, Principal, and your Parents and see what they can do and if that dosen't work then stand up for it or maybe your friends will.

Moving to a new school

Moving to a new school may cause you to have stress because now you gotta find friends some people can be picking on you at that new school. You can manage that by finding the right friends and ask question.

Taking the Eog

You can get stress by doing the Eog because you might not know what to do and then it takes to long you would be thinking about things maybe like when am i gonna finish this thing or i'm gonna  fell my grade then you gonna be guessing. You can manage that by trying your best and stop think negative about things along as you try you'll be alright.

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