Ancient Egyptian
By:Caitlin Ginchereau


The Gods worshiped by the Egyptians are Anubis, Bastet, Bes, Horus, Isis, Ra, Sekhmet, Seth, Thoth
Worshiping gods affected the life and death of the Egyptians because they believed that if they didnt prepare for afterlife that they wouoldnt have one.

System of Government

They had a king, khufu built pyramids, sensret patron of the art, pharoah hatshepsut was promoter of egyptian trade, pharoh ranses the second was military leader and master builder. all of the people had a job.

The Arts

Stable Food Supply
The Farmers grew wheat, barley, grass, etc...

They ate grass, fish, ducks,geese,hippos,crocodiles, giraffe, bread, seafood, chicken, eggs,lettuce,humus, fish

the farmers were successful because they used waterwheels, they grew crop near rivers,traded goods.

Social Structure

The social pyramid shows the different social classes the top section is the highest and it is the highest social class. peasents is the lowest social class.

The Arts....People in Egypt were among the first people to make pottery, beginning about 4000 BC. Probably people started to make clay pots in order to have something to keep wheat and barley in so it wouldn't get wet and go moldy. The earliest Egyptian pottery has geometric designs on it. Pottery built these early pots by hand, making long coils of clay and spiraling them around to build the walls of the pot.

one of the most famous arts in acient egypt were probably music. people in ancient eygypt have probably been playing music since the early stone age. From pictures we can tell what instruments the eygyptians had, they had guitars, harps also recorders, clarinets, withs reads, there were bronze trumpets too. A lot of Ancient egyptian musicians were women (though not all of them) The egytians mostly played their instruments during religious festivals

Being an eyptian artist isnt as easy as it sounds. Pottery, weaving still arent as easy as they look even now a days. Ancient egyptians put alot of work into their art work and produced many high quality products in fact their weaving was so good that today there are still 6,000 year old pieces of linen.


Hieroglyphs means sacred drawings in Greek, and that's pretty much what hieroglyphs are. The Egyptians used them to write with from the beginning of anybody being able to write, around 3000 BC, down to about 300 AD. Between about 3000 BC and 300 BC, the Egyptians used hieroglyphics for all different kinds of writing.

Map of Ancient Egypt

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