why we should
      Keep the computers

In the consideration of the school and students here at HMS we have came to a conclusion that have technology in are school and classes are a very helpful way to keep kids on task and will inprove are learning as you can see in this video be provide.

Now after this  you saw that computers and electronics will help Kids through the world of these electronics  and that if they start using these electronics while there in 2-12 they will be capable of using any electronic.

Some supporting facts that show we should have electronics are:

1.Computers are important in education because they force us to reconsider how people learn, how they are empowered, and what the nature of learning and useful information is. We cannot avoid the presence of computers in our schools because they are forcing educators to re-evaluate the very nature of what and how we teach.

2. "An advantage of having computer-assisted instruction in the classroom is that the computer can serve as a tutor. Teachers can only aid students in the learning process so far. Computers can assist teachers and act as a tutor for the students who are falling behind. A report entitled Computer Advantages: Tutoring Individuals, states “with computers as tutors, no student will be overwhelmed because he or she is missing fundamentals the computer will repeat material until each lesson has been mastered. Teachers do not have the time to repeat lessons over and over again. The writer believes it is important to give all students in the classroom the opportunity to adequately learn the lessons, and with computers acting as tutors they can.

3."Unlike teacher instruction,which may become tedious over time, computers provide motivation to the student to continue learning  Even from preschool, CAI and the experience of a prepared educator led to significant gains in academic pursuit and knowledge."

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