In 1632, Cecil Calvert, the second lord of Baltimore, founded Maryland. George Calvert, Cecil's father, had received royal charter from King Charles the first to find new places to worship.


Maryland is in the Eastern region, it is bordered by Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean. Maryland has three main regions. They are called: The Atlantic Coastal Plain, The Piedmont Plateau, and the Appalachian Region.

Founded in what year?

Maryland was founded as a colony in 1633, by Lord Baltimore, who was granted permission by King Charles the first. Due to the colonization by England, it provided Catholic faith and worship.

Why was it founded?

It was founded because George Calvert received a royal charter. And provided a place for the catholic faith.

The new colony was named after Henrietta Maria, the wife the king.

Economic Resources

Maryland had a natural harbor, so they contributed a lot of fish and timber to the colonies for exports. Which led to easy trade due to being right next to the harbor. Farming was very important to the people of Maryland.

Geography & Climate

The southern colonies were the warmest of all three of the colonies. Winters were not hard to survive. Their climate made it easy to farm. Maryland's average temperature in the summer is about 73 degrees, and the winter temperature in the winter is about 34 degrees. But the humidity is higher. The geography is very green, very humid.

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