Exploration Proposal


Dear King Henry VII,

I am making a proposal to travel to North America. The reason for this is to try and find a solution to the plague. In return, I will bring the health back to your people and maybe some fresh gold. I expect about 300 men and a year worth of food supply. I expect we be there by March of 1501. That way, it won't be to cold for us. The sooner, the better. We would like to take a different route than the usual route other Europeans are taking. My way, might be quicker and easier than the main path. I plan to stay there for about a year, or so. If we happen to run into any other European explorers, then I will fight for our territory, but if they refuse then we shall seek new land to explore. I've heard about other European explorations that are around where we might search. The other explorers seem to have found some luck, lately and I hope the next ones could be us.

                                                                                             Thanks for understanding, Nalani