Ocean currents

ocean currents are currents that occur in the ocean,there are ocean currents everywhere. Places like the arctic ocean, pacific,north pacific,south pacific and so on. Here is the definition of ocean currents.....

these are the turbines in the ocean that make ocean currents

More about ocean currents

sea waters are constently moving. Currents flow in different patterns effected by the wind,water salinity and the temperature,and the earths rotation. Most of the currents are driven by wind and solar heating of the surface waters near the equator,while some water currents outcome from density variations of water colums. 0cean currents are constent flow in one direction. Because of this physical property, ocean currents contain a huge amount of energy that can be captured and converted into a usable form. Here is a few games to play

Ocean currents are made by wind,temperature,gravity, and events such as earthquakes. ocean currents can be in all different directions in different areas. ocean currents can be good and can be bad. they can be good because of turtle migration. they can be bad for sailors because the strong ocean currents can cause bad wrecks in the ocean and can also can be pulled under by the strong current.That is what makes ocean currents.

What makes a Ocean currents