Bangladesh culture is influenced by hinduism, islam, and buddhism


Festivals have always played a big role in Bangladesh culture.  Pahela Baishakh is Bengali new year and is a public holiday celebrated during April. It is observed throughout the country and one of the most colorful daylong gatherings.

Bangladesh Flag

The green stands for the trees and fields on the countryside and the red stands for the rising sun and the blood spilled in the 1971 war for liberation.


Jack fruit is one of their favorite things to eat


Marriage is usually an arranged affair and takes place when the parents, particularly the father decide that the child should be married. Men get married at 24-25 years old. Women get married at about 15-20 years old. The husband is usually ten years older than the wife.

Bangladesh Language

The primary language is Bangla. The language dates from well before the birth of christ. Bangla varies by region and people may not understand the language of a person from another district.

Bengali Food

Rice and fish are the foundation of their diet. A day without rice is rare. Three meals are consumed a day. Water is their most common beverage. Before the meal, the right hand is washed with water above the eating bowl.

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