by- Cynthia Rylant                     Aniah Bland            Core-2           10.8.14

Have you ever read an unsual love story?

Setting- Grocery store, her house, and the movie theater

The girl- Just moved to Cincinnati and loves to grocery shop. She also has a crush on the bag boy.

Bag Boy- Works at the grocery store and has a crush on the girl.

Problem- The girl and the bag boy both want to be with each other, but neither one of them will say anything to each other.

Basic plot- they meet again at the grocery store and didn't tell each other there feelings.

1. Does she ever tell him her feelings or vice versa?                                                                           2. Do they ever see each other again after they see each other at the grocery store?

I think the story was different because it's not your average love story.

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