Westward Proposal

   We plan to leave for the new world later in the year 1542. I am from Spain, and my name is Carlos Baccons. I plan to bring back plenty of gold for you. King Charles the first, I beg to you to help me with the expedition and the payments required for this trip.  

    We will search the new world for gold, territory, and other valuable treasures. I plan into finding the new land and then crossing it to the farthest coast. That is where we will search for the gold. Even though other European countries are searching for this land,  I will not come back with empty hands. England, Spain, France, Portugal, Holland, Sweden and Denmark are all searching for this land. While they fight for land near the nearest coast, I will peacefully go to the other side of the new world! They are looking for gold, silver, bronze, jewels, territory, and other valuable treasures. Think about what you could do with all that power!


If I run across some possible natives in the new world, I will form peace instead of using violence, because it could lead to the death of my team. There will probably be mountains on the way there,  so the expedition will require climbing gear.

So as you might see, the trip is totally to your advantage. You become rich, famous, and make all the other European countries jealous of your power! Please consider this expedition!

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