Medieval Wedding Apparel

Katherine Cassamassino

This is what a medieval wedding dress would look like. Medieval wedding dresses were never white. White was considered a poor color. Blue was the most popular color because it symbolized purity. Green was the next most popular color because it symbolized youth. Because blue symbolized purity, every dress had to have something blue in it. Some people today don't consider medieval wedding dresses very complicated, but they actually are. Medieval wedding dresses today borrow styles from the past, but they have a lot of modern touches. Most of the dresses made today are white, though not many are pure white. Colors and fabrics are more vivid, and we have newer colors, such as red and purple that we sometimes put into a gown. There are usually a lot of designs along the bottom of the dress, there is not as much embroidery though because it's not consistent with Medieval dresses. Also, people didn't wear headpieces because it wasn't common. The fabrics are also modern, so you won't see much cotton or velvet.

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