Why study DNA?

In the media today, we hear about DNA on a regular basis. The news reports that DNA was used to solve a cold case, convict a criminal or determine if a professional ball player was the father of child. So, why should you learn about DNA? Great question, today 6 groups will research how DNA is used in some of today's controversial topics. You will watch a video, research on the internet, and record your findings. After you have completed your research, each group will present their findings to the class in a short presentation using Google Slides or Powerpoint.

DNA & Genetic Testing

DNA & Cloning

DNA & Forensic Science

DNA & Paternity Testing

DNA & Genetic Engineering

DNA & Designer Babies

Sample Presentation

Now, take the research your group has gathered and organize it into a presentation. The button below contains a sample of what Mrs. Sherman (and Mrs. Geisert) will look for when you are presenting. Your group may choose a different theme for your presentation - you don't have to use the theme provided in the sample - but you must include the slide topics from the sample. Use the your time today to create a well organized presentation. Before you leave today, make sure you share the research document with Mrs. Sherman and Mrs. Geisert (only 3rd, 4th, and 5th Hours).