Breaking Point
Written by: Alex Flinn
Book Report By: Sidney Hurlbut


Paul Richmond- The main character and the new student in a school. His dad just left him and his mom for his secret girlfriend. He feels out of place and alone; and the only way he can ever get away from his mom is at school.

Binky- Pauls only friend and a sweet girl that stays away from trouble.

Charlie Good- Wants to be Pauls friend; the most popular kid at school and seems to be a bad boy with a reputation.

Pauls Mom- Alone and just wants to be happy again.

Paul Richmond is a new sophomore at Gate Brickell Private School in Flordia. Paul gets bullied constantly because he is new and out of place. Then one day the most popular kid at school, Charlie Good, talks to Paul and tries to become his friend. Charlie and Paul become friends. But Charlie always seems to want something in return for their friendship. First, Charlie pressures Paul to break into the school computers and change one of Charlie's grades from a C to an A. At first Paul is scared, but eventually he gives in because he doesn't want to lose his new friend. Paul changes the grade with no problem because he is a computer genius.

So as you can assume, Charlie pressures Paul into doing other little things for him, and Paul does them because he sees Charlie as the only good thing in his life. Finally, Charlie pressures Paul to doing the worst thing you could possibly think of. Charlie wants Paul to plant a bomb in the school. Paul is hesitant about this because he doesn't want to hurt anyone, but Charlie tells him that the bomb will go off when no one is around. So Paul believes him and plants the bomb. Will anyone get hurt or even die?

Opinion: I liked this book because it kept me on the edge of my seat and kept me wanting to turn the page the entire time.

Theme: The theme of this story is peer pressure because Paul has to face pressure from other students.

Is this book part of a series?: No, it is not.

Would I recommend this book?: Yes i would because it was a very good book :)

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