To the Members of the Northwest Texas Conference,

Greetings to you and THANK YOU all the way from The CongoDR (DRC) where I am attending annual conferences in Lubumbashi and Mulungwishi. Your generous gift has helped me to fly from Lubumbashi to Kinshsa (round-trip) to visit my brother Vano Kiboko, a South Congo Annual Conference commissioned Missional Evangelist who has been imprisoned for denouncing murder and injustice in the DRC. Thanks to you, I was able to stay in Kinshasa for three days to assist Vano in his prayer ministry going on in Makala Prison where he has been since December 29, 2014. I experienced the power of prayer like never before. Lives are being changed. Over 600 prisoners have come to the Lord as a result of Vano's proclamation of the Gospel. Please continue to pray for this new faith community.

At annual conference in Lubumbashi, we are blessed to hold the session in the Joli Site Temple which is built with funds locally raised. Yesterday, we prayerfully lifted up an offering for the purchase of an airplane (fundraising we started in 2012) and I shared your gift. Please accept my humble heartfelt THANKS. It was a blessing to have been invited to be in your midst. I love every one of you.

In shalom,