Robert Parisi

Senior Vice President Merchant Services

Non-profit work is important for companies and the community

When it comes to the local community, each company has a responsibility to give back. Giving back could mean financially through cash or in-kind donations or by volunteering time to better an organization’s mission.

Either way, a company that gives back to their community is demonstrating that they there are a socially responsible organization. Aside from the positive impact the support bestows on the community, another benefit is a positive reputation for the company. A positive reputation can make or break a business. If your company is seen as one that gives back to the community, the people of your community are more likely to choose your business over your competition.

Consumers have a lot of power when it comes to the success of a company. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to be mindful of their communities. Building strong ties in your community helps to maintain a positive reputation as a philanthropic company.

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