Nicotine is a highly addictive stimulant found in tobacco that is quickly absorbed in the bloodstream when smoked.Nicotine is a typically smoked in cigarettes or cigars.Some people put a pinch of tobacco (called chewing or smokeless tobacco) into there mouths and absorb nicotine through the lining of there mouths. Some people inhale nicotine through there nose. Nicotine is an addictive heroine and cocaine which makes it extremely difficult to quit.Nicotine does not have an serious development.It contains Green pepper,Black Tea,and tap water from Ann Arbor in Michigan came up negative for any amounts of Nicotine,other things like tomatoes,Potatoes,and eggplant-all plants in the family colanacese -were revealed to contain measurable amount .Nicotine,the active and addictive ingredient of tabbaco,is a mild central system stimulut and an stronger cardiovascular system stimulut. It constricts blood vessels,increasing blood pressure and stimulating the heart,and raises the blood fevers. This Chemical Compos ion is a lot dangerous because  it can make your lungs very not that type of powerful and the lungs can take the blood pressure down and you will not going to get to walk because you have no energy in your body to walk or run.And you should stop Nicotine because some kids can smell the Nicotine and kids can die during the smell so people should stop kids can even get poisoned by the Nicotine smell. Eggplants are the main thing inside the tobacco plant and Nicotine.

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