Abiotic and Biotic Factors

The sun is an abiotic factor because it is not a living thing. It is a very important abiotic factor to the ecosystem. You would find the sun in every biome.

Temperature is an abiotic factor because it is not a living thing. You would find temperature in every biome.

Oxygen is also an abiotic factor because it not living. It is an very important abiotic factor in the ecosystem. You can find oxygen in every biome.

Lions are biotic factors because they are living things. Lions would be found in grassland biomes.

Bears are biotic factors because they are living things and they live in an ecosystem. You would find bears in the Taiga biome.

Ladybugs are also biotic factors they are living things in an ecosystem. Ladybugs would be found in the forest biome.

The Questions

1. The difference between abiotic and biotic factors is that abiotic factors are not alive. They are not living things. Biotic factors are alive. They happen to be very much alive.

2. Abiotic and biotic factors interact with each other whenever their in an ecosystem. For an example the sun and ladybugs interact with each other because the ladybug needs the suns energy to eat whatever it eats so without the sun the ladybug would not be alive.

3. An example of an another ecosystem is the grassland biome. The 5 examples are owls,deer,mice,water and the sun.

4. The hawks would starve to death because their would be no mice. The lions and cheetahs would starve to death if  their was no deer. And all the animals would die if their was no sun and water.

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