What was the mindset of Nazi guards?

In order to answer this question there are two  answers that need to be considered:

1) Nazi guards were actually anti-semitic

2) Nazi guards were often forced or felt obligated to join the party

Some Nazi guards felt the same towards Jews as Hitler did and wanted to participate in the war crimes.  When given the duty of guarding the Jews for 12 hours in concentration camps, the guards often blamed the Jews themselves for this "poor" shift instead of blaming the higher ups who assigned them to the duty.  On the contrary, other guards were told things like "take the job or die", so they felt obligated to take the offered position. In their minds, they had to follow the orders as it was a matter of surviving.

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Reasons Why People Follow Political Parties Today

1) to fit in with everyone around them

These days, things are often done just because it is a "trend" or because its just what everyone else is doing. People support political parties because they think if its whats best for other people, it is also what is best for them, which is very wrong. Do whats best for your lifestyle!

2) the leader of the party

The leader of a political party plays a crucial role as they are the embasador of the party and represents its motives, thoughts and actions. The leader could appeal to you in many ways and people could see them as a person who displays characteristics of a person who could further the country and who shows the demands the time period needs. However this has its downfalls, because of the change of political process and could not fit into the period a year later!

3) the parties morals

People could support a political party because the party as a whole displays a good government and represents what they see as their country. What the party holds as their most important values are crucial to a good government in most eyes.

I made a connection between why Nazi guards did what they did or thought how they did and why people support a particular political party. Although they are two very different stories, I think they both express someones morals, motives and thoughts very clearly.

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