Max  Robbenson

I am Max Robbinson I am 16 years old. I am from the great state of Illinois. There I have a farm of 100 acres. I chose to join the Union not only because I live there but it is the right thing to end slavery. I became a Lieutenant about a month ago. At home I have a mother and father along with three younger siblings.  

Your message...

Peter- I wonder how our jailbird friend Quagmire is doing?

Max- Quagmire was wiped by the general for not following orders.

Peter- I'm not worried about him hes always monumentally wallpapered.

Max- He'll probably get quick step from it.

Peter- Yes he enjoys his joy juice too much.

Max -He should be as fit as a fiddle

Peter- Hows Joe doing being paralyzed from the waist down and all

Max- Yeah, that peppe box shot him right in the spine

Peter - I hate those graybacks

Max - What did you call me over here for anyway

Peter- Oh yeah, I forgot I'm a general, we are being attacked by gray backs

Max- Ow! I've been hit.

Peter- Lets get you to the sawbones. Max? Max? Yep he's dead. At least it was a quality kill.

Dear, mom and dad

              Camp life here is terrible. General McClellan is trying to teach us new drills but it is not working very well at all. And now he started punishing us for things. Some people are carrying logs instead of their guns because they did something I am not sure, and if you steal from one another u have you head shaved and u have to ware a sign that says Thief on it then you are marched out of the camp with a marching band to make it even more humiliating.  

Civil War Song

Chorus: I wish I was in the land of freedom,

Old times there are not forgotten;

Look away! Look away! Look away! Northern land.


In the North land where I was born in

Early on one frosty mornin’

Look away! Look away! Look away! North land.

Then I wish I was in the North, Horray! Horray!

In the North land I’ll take my stand.

To live and die in the North,

Away, Away, Away up north in D.C. ,

Away, Away, Away up North in D.C.


When I left my mother when she was Ill I knew that it was a bad thing to do but it is what she wanted me to do. I honestly did not know what to do I thought that she would be fine and thought the war would be short and I also wanted to have adventure in my life.

I am proud of deciding to go from the confederate to the Union side. Not only I thought it was the fright thing to do but I wanted to fight for the people that were tortured not only mentally but physically.

If I had to chose I would say that when my mother got sick and died. I would change that first.

Jerimiah what did you want to do when your bother left?   

I wanted to follow him because I knew that tee was a chance that I would never see him again. But, that is when my mother was sick and she needed me then.

In camp gambling is a huge past time other than drinking and writing . I prefer writing and gambling last time I lost a whole dollar in a cock fight. I never really liked drinking but I still do it time to time due to peer presser. Also, the food is getting worse and worse, there is not of fresh food now. We mostly eat old dried food with maggots on it usually. That is how my life is  now.

In camp I have witnesses a lot of illness. For example, I have seen countless amount of people die from diarrhea probably due to the food and water they supply us. There is malaria in every breath and they make us drink bog water. For every death on the battle field there are four from sicknesses it is terrible here.

I am coming home I am worried if my family is still alive or not. It scared me from the the moment I walked out the door until this very day. I am urging to tel my mother and father that I fought in many battles and survived them also. once I was shot in the foot but not enofe to kill me but, I did lose my right foot. Now we got what we wanted slavery is abolished because of this bloody war.


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