White Winter Hymnal

White Winter Hymnal is a great song, originally by Fleet Foxes. The lyrics are simple; the band wanted to focus on the music rather than the meaning of the words. Pentatonix does a great cover of this song. A few of us had a chance to hear it, but for those who haven't yet, here it is.

Mr. Ellis said that if we wanted to, a small group of us could practice and perform this. I'm definitely interested in doing this, and if you are too please sign up either in the comments at the bottom of this page, on Edmodo, or in class. It may seem daunting, but we managed to learn Little Drummer Boy pretty well, so I think we can do this one too.  


I was following the (x8)

I was following the pack / all swallowed in their coats /

With scarves of red / tied round their throats /

To keep their little heads / from falling in the snow /

And I turned 'round / and there you go /

And Michael you would fall /

And turn the white / snow red as straw- / -berries in the summertime


Sheet Music






I really like the way Pentatonix does the choreography for this song; it keeps tempo and looks good. I was thinking that we should do the same choreography. If doing the hand gestures and singing at the same time becomes too difficult, we can delegate tasks. That is, we can have a group of four singers, who, if and when we get to perform this, could stand on stage and a group of five doing the choreography, who, when the time comes, could sit on the edge of the stage, in front of the singers. I really think doing the choreography would be a good idea.


Thanks to Ray Sahetapy, an awesome YouTuber, we have the sheet music (visual and aubible), for each part. Ray posts covers to Pentatonix songs, among other things, and he transcribed Pentatonix's version of White Winter Hymnal and their original song, That's Christmas to Me.

Also thank you to Fleet Foxes, for creating this great song, and Pentatonix for doing an amazing cover and providing the choreography tutorial.

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