Much Ado About Nothing

Beatrice P.O.V

"Two wild hearts soon molded into one blazing heart."

It seemed it all happened when the men came back from the war. Sir Claudio from first sight fell in love with Hero, and it all began their first love. Then Benedick opened his mouth to speak with me. What a fool. Then the party, he thought he could trick me behind that hideous mask? He is a fool. Then trouble started when Claudio believed a lie that Don Pedro was swooning Hero for himself. I still wondered who told him such a lie. Then the conversation between Hero and Ursula about Benedick loving me, was very strange but made me happy like no other feeling! Then wedding became a disaster, Claudio claimed Hero to be cheating on him, calling her a common stale! Hero is a young innocent woman, she would never do such a thing! All the drama began from there, Hero's father threaten his own daughter, Claudio left upset.  Then everything unraveled from there but I didn't notice, too focused on love or hate for Benedick. It seemed like love but I didn't know what my heart wanted. After all that has been resolved, Hero and Claudio about to get married again, Benedick asked me if I loved him! What?! I-I didn't know but at that moment it seemed like...I did. Then Hero stole my letter and gave to him! It was embarrassing  at first but when I read his own words on paper, I realized that I loved him. So I said Yes. It was a start of a beautiful rest of my life... Thank you, Hero and Ursula. 

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