Maya Brantner October PE PROJECT

Option #4 - 1 point

Journal - I went with a couple of friends to visit the Mountain Bay Trail. We took a walk on the trails and stopped to take pictures by the bridges.

Option #6 - 2 points

Journal - I took a walk to Akzo Nobel park. I played soccer, softball, disk golf, and even on the park. I also took lots of fun pictures at the park.

Option #1 - 1 point

I participated in the Fueluptoplay60 Kick off Event on October 22 & 23. I had a lot of fun and did almost all of the activities listed on our cards.

Option #2 - 4 points

Journal - I visited the disk golf park at Akzo Nobel Park.  I went through the disk golf course and documented my experience. I also took lots of pictures and videos of me playing and talking about disk golf.

Option #8 - 1 point

Journal - This is me demonstrating and telling you about the basic skills and rules of the backyard/field game, soccer.

Options #9, 10, 11, and 12 (demonstrations) - 4 points (total)

Journal - This is a video of me demonstrating a volleyball, football, lacrosse, and disc golf skill. I show you how to do it and explain the way your body should look and feel while experiencing the sports. I also show how it is used in an actual game.

Option #14 - 2 points

Journal - I attended the school dance sponsored by Aquarius house. It was called "Say Boo to Bullying" and it was going to a good cause. I got my named crossed off of the teachers list and had an awesome time, dancing at the dance!

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