Tools of the trade

Mateo Hanchi


Edmodo is a free learning website where you can enter a certain group to learn. In Edmodo you can turn in assignments from home and you can ask what the homework was if you were absent.


Remind is a broadcast system allowing teachers to send reminders to parents and students.  It can be used to send reminders to send reminders to assignments when assignments are due.  One of the benefits of remind is that it can provide either an e-mail or text to the student or parent.


Easelly is a website in which you can create visual representations of anything you want.The benefit of this is that you can get a lot of of information out of these representations.


Tackk is a website in which you can simply create a beautiful webpage. It could be anything and by doing this you can share many things withs friends and family.

The IB Design Cycle

The IB design cycle is a tool in which students and others can create and develop solutions for a problem. some benefits are saving money and getting it done faster.

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