Vincent Simonelli Memorial

Vietnam Memorial project: Mrs. Anziska: April 9, 2014
Shaindy Stern and Aviya Fried  

Vincent Simonelli often wrote home with a common theme of wondering how everyone was doing. He also often writes about the difficulties of war: constantly losing friends in the war and the constant unknowns. Throughout these letters, you could see how much the war effort has changed him; while writing the letters, he often related to how he was before the war.

In the army,  he was a Sergeant. He served in Fort Jackson, South Carolina; Fort Polk, Louisiana; Cu Chi, Vietnam; Fort Carson, Colorado. Unit

Years served: 1965-1967

Served in the Vietnam war, which spanned from 1961-1975

Letter of Appreciation: April 1, 1967
Letter of award for his brave duties. March 15, 1968
He received an honorable discharge from the army on October, 6 1967
Simonelli writes home a lot.

This is an example letter of Simonelli writing to his home: to his brother Billy and Sister-in-law. In his letters, he always made sure to ask how everyone else is doing.

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