Pointe shoes

By: Hayden, Jillian, Josie

The most essential piece of equipment for professional ballet dancers is the Pointe Shoe. Well the purpose of my artifact is to dance, but to make it harder. The inventor and patent owner is Charles Didelot in 1795. It has always been used to dance. The cost of  the shoes are $80 a pair and typically lasts for only 8-12 hours for professional dancers. Also they last 1-2 rehearsal days and only 1 performance on average as they are constructed with layers of satin burlap, tissue paper, flour paste reinforced by cardboard and leather.

They only had one size when they were first invented. Now it has sizes 1-17.  The technology area is Production, which includes manufacturing and construction. Pointe shoes help dancers improve on their technique.They hurt your if you don’t have them in right foot protection. The science of a pointe shoe is the fabric, elastic, and a wooden box. The technology of pointe shoes is a sewing machines. The math of the pointe shoes are the shape, size, and weight.

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