The Black Eagles

We fight for those who can't

Created by Matthew Quijas & Sebastian O.

The flag Symbolizes The Black Eagles

The eagle represents the rebels to counter the unrealistic freedom the citizens think they have.

White represents peace because that's whats most important.

Red means we will use violence to fight for whats right.

THE TRUTH of The Republic of Le Pugatores


Le Pugnatores is destined shall be maintained to be a civil Utopia free from the the terror and anger in the world with there unknown torture.

The countries Judicial decisions are held at the strongest and strictest level of conformation giving smaller powers almost no say. The state strikes fear into there citizens with the endless threats to the smallest wrong acts done. Due to the division of 2 social classes, federal citizens will always have control over local citizens not giving them a choice in what they do. All signature committees are known for their lies and hide their truth. Le Pungatores will be lead to destruction and nothing but bad events of the people that live their.


Citizens have to be school “educated” with harsh treatment against their will in in the country. Each citizen is expected to obey every single law without the right to speak up against them if unfair and worship Saxophones, if citizens do not respect the laws or damages a saxophone they will be tortured in act of their tyranny. Government requires for everyone to play the Saxophone as as a sign of their worship and get penalized if they were to mess up on the act.


If their are rumors spreading of corruption each and every person blamed of this accusation will be mentally destroyed, and if found guilty they will be put into a permanent rest after the worst night of their lives.


The government uses tyranny to keep everything in order for its own benefit. They promise freedom but don’t let the citizens know what freedom really is. Their people are to follow all laws as exactly as stated or would be sent to a prison because of their strict laws made by their tyrant.


They Have laws that keep them in there never ending order of their boring lives with no other choice of lifestyle then what they provide.

Ordinance 1; 4/11 is the ratio of divided power amongst classes: every 4 federal citizens equal 11 local citizens. This Ordinance gives citizens less rights and less say in what laws are passed

Ordinance 2; Country citizens will have the right to speak freely about “each other”, bear arms within the household, and the right to petition organizations made from the governmental monarchy or local entrepreneurs...  or so they say as they execute and torture those who don’t like the ideas of the leaders.

Ordinance 3; To protect the Country's honor and prosperity, anyone who violates and abuses a saxophone for party rebellion shall be executed? The citizens aren’t allowed to have their own opinions against the saxophone and other instruments.

Ordinance 4; Schooling for all children will come free to them, even in devastating times so that R.L.P. stay loyal to their tyrant.

Ordinance 5; no financial debt by either federal, local, or even the county will ever be tolerated making most citizens in trouble with the laws because of their low paying jobs that are available.

Ordinance 6; Party made words that are used to riot or to charge against the government with such as FEDERALISM & ORDINANCE will be considered “changeable word” making it difficult to rebel or have their own opinions and the right to have a voice.

Ordinance 7; All R.L.P. soldiers will be given temporary stationaries keeping them away from their homes.

Ordinance 8; Children can own guns? This causes more violence , more problems ,and more deaths.

Ordinance 9; The name Rene will be changed to a male dominant name? people don’t have the right to name their daughters Rene ?

Ordinance 10; tackk is illegal? to bad they can still use Microsoft power point for projects

Ordinance 11; You cannot be arrested without an arrest warrant causing more crimes throughout the area ,all police officers carry arrest warrants which is half the population in this state.


Students attend A primary Judicial school system. They will have “free education”. Students attend a private school will have to pay twice as much as required to pay for the primary public Universities and schools. Citizens who decide against their education will be tortured until set straight.


Le Pugnators means “The Warriors” and a warriors favorite instrument is the Saxophone which is their excuse to make their citizens worship it.


Saxophones are what the leaders hide behind as a cover while they control and watch their citizens call their saxophones their are God


Characteristics And Abilities:

He has confidence and can take control of a tough situation (most of the time)

Survival instincts, good with a crossbow

Dixon's Story

Dixon was born in a city called Le Pugatorres. He was raised an orphan with his brother Murrel. Their only defense against the Swag Fags was his bow and arrow and Murrel’s revolver. They were beaten if they didn’t play the saxophone everyday. By the time they were 10 years old Dixon started The Black Hawks. Citizens were being drafted back to back by the hour wanting to overthrow their nations leader. Dixon was not surprised that hundreds of people wanted to fight back. When Dixonwas 15, him and the rest of The Black Hawks went to their first attack against Leonidas and his army.

The Black Hawks were ready to attack and Leonidas did not expect a thing. Murrel took the first shot and hit Leonidas in the knee. It went silent for a couple of seconds, then, all hell broke loose. Murrel and Leonidas was the main fight everyone didn’t even bother to get close to them or they’ll get stabbed or injured. As Dixon looked up to go help his brother, Leonidas stuck his sword through Murrel’s chest letting Dixon saw his brother’s last breath. Dixon shouted to all of his troops to fall back. His plan has failed but gave Le Pugatorres a sign of war.

Leonidas was furious because he let his Saxophone god down that he asked one his warriors to give him a sponge bath. Back at the camp. Dixon was in his tent alone thinking of ways to get at Leonidas for what he has done to his brother. He knew this was going to be a long war and he will need more troops for the rest of the war. He also knew that Leonidas could manipulate his people very easily. He stepped out the tent and yelled “We fight for those who can't”

Rebellion Anthem

The police are at it again and they killing the innocent

They consider us gangsters if we don’t walk around acting as brothers as citizens

Do they kill us when we decide to fight back?

Were just trying to get our freedom back

And it’s to be expected for us to just sit back while getting infected by these rules

They tell us were animals while were living in poverty trying to survive

They force us to play saxophones or threaten our lives

Were fighting against a tyrant

We fight for those who cant

The TRUTH of Ministry of love

People who oppose the leaders or are caught in the middle of acts or even accused of the acts are sent to a prison in which they are tortured for countless hours with different acts that cause as much pain as they would like in order to change the minds of those who have done wrong in the minds of the leaders. They can keep everyone going about life as the way it is set out for them. People who have done wrong (or so they say) could be in this prison from a few days to almost their entire lives, or what's left of them and/or they even get tortured to the point of their deaths. The prison that these people are assigned to , is not even a prison, unless all prisons cause physical pain and mentally destroy those who enter them to the point when there not them anymore, they're nothing more than a mindless body with no knowledge of anything other than what their leaders want. They don't let us believe what we want to believe because if we do we are sent to this prison where everyone fears one room in which none of us could ever imagine but we fear that on the other side of the door to that room is our worst nightmare because those who came out were never the same and weren't even considered to be the same person. The leaders say that they don't use any force but that’s all that this nation is built upon, with very many restricted freedoms and no say on their lives the citizens are basically drones, that live to do what pleases the leaders and hope that the won’t be penalized for every little thing.

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