Karen Dilworth - A Loving Mother and Philanthropist

Karen Dilworth is a highly inspirational and dedicated to her faith in God. She believes in never giving up as long as you keep trying you are succeeding. She is known for her compassionate spirit and her drive to help those in desperate need of care. She is highly involved in a number or organizations geared toward the helping of those who are stricken from addiction, poverty, recovery, and even the elderly who cannot care for themselves. Even professionally, she has dedicated herself to the needs of others. Her most recent position was as a Dental Assistant for Brighton Family Dental located in Brighton, Michigan.

While serving in the position, she not only enhanced her office skills, but she also gained experience helping people, learning the technologies and various tools of the trade, and she also learned that she wanted a future as a nurse. She intends to return to school sometime in the near future to obtain her degree as a nurse and help people on a more personal and qualified level. Not only has Karen served as a dental assistant, but she has also held many positions as an officer manager and sales associate. She understands how a professional office works and what kinds of things an office needs to run efficiently. She is also a loving mother and grandmother who enjoys spending time with her family whenever possible. She enjoys cooking, reading, gardening, and painting. She also enjoys going boating in Ohio around Kelly’s Island and Putt In Bay.

Karen Dilworth is nothing short of a survivor. On October 18, 2013, a nearly fatal automobile accident almost claimed her life. She spent over a month and a half, nearly six and a half weeks, in a coma and on life support. She suffered multiple broken bones that required screws, rods, and pins throughout her entire body, ten fractured ribs, and a punctured lung. She was told by the officer that responded to the scene that he thought for sure the accident would result in a fatality.

However, Karen Dilworth survived the troubling accident to become an inspirational story for all people who are going through troubling times in their lives. She is currently highly involved in Key Development Mentoring Program for Addicts, she is the Treasurer for Howell Alano Club, which is an alcoholics anonymous group, a Women’s Recovery Group, and Long Term Recovery Group, she is a frequent sponsor for those trying to overcome drug and alcohol addictions, and she is a frequent volunteer for the salvation army.

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