Country Pop

a cross between classic country and modern pop

By: Morgan, Courtnie, Abbie, Luke and Rinchen.


Coming out in the early 2000s, country pop has become popular for its upbeat tone and appeals to most audiences. Some of the more popular country pop artists are Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton.

In November of 2013, some popular songs came out, such as Whiskey In My Water, Get Me Some of That, and Drink a Beer, which are still popular to this day. The commonly heard instruments in these songs are guitars, drums, and piano. It is both acoustic and electric, and very vocal, male dominated, but with a few popular female artists. The songs typically revolve around love, parties, drinking, trucks, and more modern themes.

If one went to a concert to see a country pop artist, they would experience very upbeat, normally cheerful music. Much energy and dancing would be seen, more so than in the past, along with more interaction with the singer's audience.

Our sources were from various websites, but mostly from Billboard and Wikipedia, of course....

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