Thomas Hooker

by: Makenzie claypool

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Thomas Hooker was a big impact on American History

My colonial American- Thomas Hooker- was a big impact on American History. Thomas Hooker was the leader of the Connecticut Colony. But before Thomas Hooker became the leader of Connecticut, he lived in England and became a Puritan but had to leave to America because the Puritans were deemed as criminals.

When Thomas Hooker got to America, he was asked to join the Massachusetts Colony, but he left with one hundred(100) people to start a new settlement in Connecticut also known as Hartford.

  Eventually three (3) more settlements merged from Connecticut. Unlike Massachusetts Bay, Thomas Hooker objected to voting rights with church members. Thomas Hooker was known as a leader of “Universal Christian Suffrage” and was known as a great speaker; also he was as the “Father of Connecticut”. Thomas Hooker was known as an outstanding preacher, the best of his days, and was an erudite writer on Christian subject. This is how Thomas Hooker made an impact on American History.  

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