Ebola: Is Chicago Prepared to Face It?

by Macrina

Ebola virus

      Since one Ebola victim has died in the United States, health officials are more cautious to prevent the disease. Should Ebola spread to Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel assures residents that “there is a plan” to deal with it (Chicago Tribune). Emanuel, along with health officials and Chicago Public Health commissioner Dr. Bechara Choucair, met on Friday, October 17 to form a plan about what should be done to prevent Ebola in the city and how to handle it if there is an Ebola case. Some steps that are suggested to take precautions against Ebola include making a fact sheet for Chicagoans that provides symptoms of the virus, requiring airports to have screenings for people coming from Ebola countries, making health officials available for questions and concerns, and providing training to help first responders know what to do while handling a potential Ebola victim (DNAinfo Chicago). “We will continue to proceed with the utmost precaution in all potential cases that may enter our city,” Choucair says. “While our…hospitals…are well prepared and equipped for the spread of any infectious disease that may pose a threat to our city, it is important to remember how unlikely the risk of Ebola is to Chicago’s residents.” By establishing these procedures, Emanuel and Choucair hope to keep Chicago, the nation’s third largest city, safe.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel speaks publicly about the plan for Ebola.
Doctors at the University of Chicago practice putting on protective gear to avoid contracting Ebola, if treating a patient.
Emanuel and health officials discuss Ebola.
To help prevent Ebola, Chicago airports, like O'Hare, are screening passengers arriving from Ebola countries.
Dr. Julie Morita, from the Chicago Department of Public Health, speaks in an interview about the mayor's plan with ABC7 News.
Bechara Choucair, Chicago Public Health Commisioner, also speaks with ABC7 news.

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