Facilitated Diffusion

Facilitated diffusion is when molecules are transported through a Biological membrane called protein and transports them from an are where it is high concentrated to an are where it is less concentrated. The protein helps the molecule move down its consentration gradient without the use of energy (ATP).

An example of facilitated diffusion would if there was a fish tank divided in two equal parts with a hole in the middle of the two parts and then filled with the same amount of water and food coloring was added to one of the side of the fish tank the hole in the middle would represent the Protein Channel that would be allowing the food coloring to move down its concentration gradient and move to the other side where it is less concentrated and once the same amount of food coloring are in both sides then it has reached equilibrium which means the food coloring is even in both sides and will keep moving in both directions but keeping the same amount in both side without the use of energy (ATP).

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