What is Fall

by: jordyn

I could smell the fresh air and my scrumptious homemade cinnamon rolls. I also love herring the birds chirping in trees that are waving in the wild wind. Also the leaves shuffling on the freezing ground. I can taste fresh little drops of kettle corn on my tongue also the yummy pumpkin pie and taste chips and dip, fruit and vegetables.

Fresh dew all around on the ground. I can think of the activities I will do. I love it when the green boring leaves change to amazing colors of dark red to a bright yellow and shiny orange I love this season!

When I can pick gigantic and tiny pumpkins and enjoy a dinner with my family, before the dinner I can

Go to the store and pick out my favorite candles and use them for my home. I really love it when my cousin

Greyson comes over and a jump in the different collard leafs then we rake them up and jump back in! Every

One enjoys this season! When we get apple pie and chicken to eat. This season gets every one saying ‘lets

Go jump in the leafs’ the end!