The  Average Body Lice Meeting

By: Charlotte Nolan

- All of us together could start pyrrexhia and sicken the people, but not quite kill them.

- These people on the trenches are far from nice to us, so with this, we can destroy the human population on these trenches with our sickly and deadly diseases!

- With out stinky smell, we can have the whole boat to ourselves because by the time we are done, they'll all be jumping overboard.

- Once these men got our diseases, they would take a hot bath to cleanse themselves and we all know what that tub!!

- Since our eggs like to cling onto clothes, we can lives in the clothes of the men once they take them off, I think we can all agree that sleeping in clothes would be MUCH more comfy then our set up here.. sleeping on the ground!!

Captain Lice:  Who's with me?

  Together we can heighten the amount of people who got sick from 15% to 50%, then 50% to 75% and 75% to 100%, then we will.. RULE ALL OF FRANCE

Audience: WOOOOOAAAAAA, lets get em'!


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