Tropical Rainforest

Andrew Tucker, Kady-grace, Justin, and Angel

A tropical rainforest is an ecosystem type that occurs roughly within the latitudes 28 degrees north or south of the equator. This ecosystem experiences high average temperatures and a significant amount of rainfall.

There are many different types of animals in the rain forest and one of the birds is the toucan.

Tree frogs are also are in the tropical rainforest and they are ssticky on the bottom of there feet so they can climb trees.

Orangatang is a kind of money in the tropical rainforest.


There are many different animals in the rain forest. There is also many different plant species. The tropical rain forest is really wet. It rains all the time in the tropical rain forest. People like to cut down the rain forest for wood or farmland they could even cut them down for both. The rain forest is also very green because it rains and the plants can get food and they are rich and vibrant plants and some animals are green. It has year round warmth but hotter in the summer so its best to go in the spring. Rain forest are in South America , Africa,etc. Now there is only 6 percent of rain forests on earth. Also all rain forests lie near the equator.

Tropical Rain Forest are common in Australia, Africa, and South America. Fun Activities you can do is scuba dive, rock crawl, canoeing, and ride atvs. Awesome places to visit is beautiful waterfalls and lakes.Landmarks are waterfall and lakes. The tropical rain forest is a beautiful place to go to.

Brome laid are plants that live in the rain forest, their thick waxy leaves form a bowl shape for catching rainwater. Orchids are common in tropical regions. Poinsettia is usually seen around Christmas time in the rain forest. Cacao tree is a evergreen that lives in the rain forest. Helicania is another plant in the tropical forest this plant is part of the banna family.

Gorilla- They live in the dense forest of tropical Africa.

Bengal Tigers- They can be found in southeast Asia.

Ca boon vipers- This viper is located in the tropical rain forest.

Spider monkey- The spider monkey lives in the tropical rain forest.

Sloth- The sloth lives in the tropical rain forest.

You need to wear a raincoat and rain boots in the tropical rain forest and maybe an umbrella.

Its called a rain forest because there is lots of rain.

Spring is the best time to go to the tropical rain forest.

That's all we have to say about the rain Forrest(forest).

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