letter of intent #trevizoeyo5

                                            Gonzalez Andrea Rae,

                                              1234 Sesame Street

                                               El Paso TX 79943

                                                   May 18, 2015

Mr.Trevizo , Teacher

Teacher assistant

14400 Pebble Hills Blvd.

El Paso TX 7993

Dear Mr. Trevizo ,

  I am interested in becoming a school teacher And was recommended from administration to come to you for guidance. I am offering my assistance to you and your students to get the feel of a class room environment. I was an assistant at Lujan Chavez Elementary but I would much rather be in a High school environment. I am expecting  for the students to be more mature, and  responsible. So I have decided to come to you in a sense of a role model and you could be someone I look up to, and inspiration. I will dedicate my time to you and your students in the class room, I will assist to you and your needs, making test, printing assignments, grading papers, and or helping with a daily lesson. I am asking that you please take my assistance in to consideration and that you get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you for your time , please contact me at (915)123-45678 and or threw email at shortcake88@yahoo.com

                                                                          Thank you,

                                                                 ANDREA GONZALEZ