Online Safety

We're gonna try to inform you of the risks of using the internet in a irresponsible way. We urge you to take our advice into consideration. I hope you enjoy our little poster that we made about online safety.


  • DON'T go on sites with many ads.
  • DON'T go in chat rooms
  • DON'T do anything that's illegal


  • DON'T click on ads that say that you won a prize.
  • DON'T do anything that could effect the anyone in a bad way
  • DON'T trust people with finances.

Protect  yourself

  • NEVER give out your password.
  • NEVER reveal any personal information.
  • TELL someone if someone is threatening you in any way.

Social network tips

  • DON'T put personal info on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • DON'T tell others where you are going

Additional Info

  • DON'T cyber-bully anyone EVER.
  • Be CAREFUL who you befriend


Thanks for reading! Now here's a really sad story about a 14 year old girl named Emma. This story shows that even your close friends could end up being a terrible person.


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