Shady Sarcasm

"Tact is the ability to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip." -Winston Churchill.

Is your sarcasm as welcome as you think? Probably not. Above is a picture of me from a few years ago volunteering at a wonderful camp for children with special needs. This girl just so happened to have the gift of Down's Syndrome. What I learned in one short week with her was that kind positive messages were far better received than my childish snarky remarks I found amusing. More often than not, sarcastic comments come off as rude and unpleasant, which in turn makes you undesirable. When I say undesirable, I do not just mean this in the romantic sense of the term, but in employment, around family members, and even friends. Do not become "that girl (or guy)." You know what I'm talking about? That girl who everyone seems to cringe when she is invited to an outing because the sky is always falling or just appears miserable with their life? Yes that one.

I grew up with parents who firmly believe that I am a strong, independent woman with an outspoken personality. I misunderstood this message for a long while, but recently discovered utilizing the wonderful skill of tact to stand up for myself and keep my outspoken personality. Believe me, I love some sass to those who don't understand how to respect others, but it is just about finding the proper words to tell someone to screw off with a smile on your face. Life is much more fun that way.