By: Gracie Beal


Are you thinking about getting a dog fit for you? If so this tackk has all the information you need to prepare for your furry friend. Including the special care they will need, health concerns and many other tips, tricks, and ideas to care for your best friend for the rest of your life.


Dogs are very loyal, nice, and fun! This tackk will teach you how to care, love, and what their description is and what it feels like to have a fun and loyal dog to play with every day.

Having a Dog for a Pet

Before dogs were pets they were considered wild but they were still loyal, and fun. But some might have been suborn and hard to work with that’s what makes it fun and worth it.


Each dog is unique in their own way some are tall some are small but all will always be unique. Some are fat some are skinny some are long some are short and helpful but all are fun in some way. Some are boring and suborn but all you have to do is love and care for them and you’re ready to go.

Health Issues

Dogs are cute but catch a lot of diseases! Some dogs can catch cancer, diabetes and a lot of other things like, heat stroke, cherry eye (which is when they get pink puss in their eye.) So it takes a lot to care for them.


Some dogs have short coats and some have long no matter the length you need to brush your dog 2-3 times a week. They need to be walked daily in less you have a big fenced in yard where you can play with your dog. You need a big fenced in yard so you don’t have to watch your dog but if you don’t have a fenced in yard you have to put it on a leash and walk it around till it goes to the bathroom in less it doesn’t have to.


Dogs are an amazing animal. They have a fastinating history and description. Every dog is unique and need different kinds of care because they have different types of health issues but it’s still worth the time and effort. It is awesome having a dog for a pet and so fun!

Word Bank

· Description: describe how they look

· Conclusion: a paragraph at the end of the story and it is very important

· Unique: special in their own way

· Diseases: a sickness

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