Physical Properties

By:Allison Chambers

These molecules don't move around as much as these molecules


Heat is something with high temperature and high movement, if you take it away it turns cold and not a lot of movement happpens.

The wires are an example of a conductor


A conductor is something like a wire or a pan, something that conducts (lets heat flow through easily) heat.

The black rubber around the wires is an insulator


An insulator is something that keeps the heat in, like a jacket, so when you touch a wire it doesn't shock you because there is an insulator around the wires.

This is an example of buoyancy


Buoyancy is the upward force of water on an object to keep it floating.

This is an example of magnetisum


Magnetism is the force of to magnets, or something magnetic, when they come together to form magnetism.

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