Day 160 - May 27


 1. Check our Grades!  Look for zeros!

2. If you have a zero for the GBay picture, email it now.

3. If you have a zero for the Chipotle essay, submit it here.  

4. If you have a zero for the GBay description, submit it here.

5. Write 1527 -- a fairytale for one of the little children in the Gunston Rec Center Pre-school, with the following requirements.

     1575 - Name - Fairytale

    Fairytale motifs: royalty, a moral, talking animals

    Geography units (choose one, include information about list)

         Australia - Great Barrier Reef, at least one Australian animal (platypus, kangaroo, koala, crocodile), Sydney Opera House, Aborigine, Antarctic Treaty

            North America - Tornado Alley, Rust Belt, Hurricanes, Canadian Shield, Quebec