ST. Lawrence Lowlands

smallest region in Canada

Physical features

    Some of the physical features in this region include : It is smaller then the surrounding region. In Niagara Falls they have the greatest volume of water.  It is the smallest region in Canada. The St. Lawrence lowlands is part of the southern coast of Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador.                                                                            

Animal Life                                              

     In the region they have lots of birds.  Land animals include white tailed deer, squirrels, coyotes, moose, wolves, snowshoe hairs, and lynx. many migrating species  spend short time in the region on their way to their summer and winter homes. They have lots of wood ducks, northern flickers, black bird and blue birds in this region.


  Atlantic ocean is colder then the part near the Great Lakes. It has one of the largest going season in Canada. The places farthest south in Canada is middle island near peele island in Lake Erie 100cm of rain each year it is the closest to the eaqater. 80cm of snow each year.    

Natural Resources

    I am going to tell you the natural resources in the St.lawerece lowlands. In the St.Lawrence lowlands there is huge supplies of clean water and also there is really good farming for land. The water system over half the width of Canada. Also for more water system are rivers and more. The dairy farms are large. Many fruits are grown in farms like peaches,apples and grapes. In St.Lawrence lowlands minerals are found like rocks,iron,ore,zinc and silver.


   I am going to tell you some of the vegetation in the St.Lawrence lowlands. The vegetation in this reigon include deciduous trees and coniferous trees. precipitation can come as hard as snow fall in this region. Trees grow large because there is plenty of moisture and heat there. In the mixed wood  forest zone undisturbed sights consists of sugar maple, yellow birch, eastern hemlock and white pine. Presently here there are many birch, maple, walnut, pine, spruce, and fir. Sadly trees are being cut down Amazingly fast and soon the one of a kind Saint. Lawrence lowlands trees will be cut down     

                    This is all the facts we have for you about the St Lawrence Lowlands.

By Aryan, Taher, Naveen and Ravneek