Topographical Map

I could adapt this activity in my own classroom by producing a whole class clay model of the island. Students would then work through the following:

~ Small groups create small versions of the individual towns / settlements.

~ History:

  • - Which town do you think may have been the first settlement on the island and why do you think that?
  • - Why do you think the railway has been built there?
  • - Why do you think there is no road between town c and d?

~ Economics:

  • - What may be the main industry of each town / area?
  • - Do you think there would be a reason to link town c and d? And if so, how would you do it? (possible responses: road, cable car, ferry etc).

~ Geography:

  • - Where would each village get their water supply from?
  • - Why do you think there are no towns built on the other side of the lake? What might be there to deter people? (Geographical features or weather?)

~ Students choose another space to build a new settlement – explain why they have chosen that area.

~ This could be a good exercise for after a visit to Tower Hill.

~ The idea of mapping topography landscapes in this way can be done with many types of mediums (cardboard, felt, paper-mâché etc).

~ Interesting to also look at topography on Google earth with students.

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